30. EN 50382

Caledonian high temperature rolling stock cables conform to EN 50382 standard (The corresponding French

railway standard is NF F 63827) is characterized by its lightweight and small size which provide high flexibility

and easy handling required for high-speed train cable applications. High temperature cables imply higher current

capacity for the same cross- section. The higher the continuous temperature load, the longer the life time of the

cable at a given working temperature. Caledonian high temperature cable allow greater safety margins and

higher current capacity, with the following features:

Low weight cable

Low size cable

Thin wall cable

Wide operating temperature range (+125 °C down to -60 °C)

Low smoke density (>90% light transmission)

Short circuit cable and Earth fault-proof cables (>250 °C)


For 120 °C class : Flexible stranded tinned copper For 150 °C class : Flexible plain annealed copper Class 5 (or

class 6 on request) according to IEC 60228 with optional separator tape


Optional textile braid (for reinforced versions)


Type EI 111 or EI 112 (if sheathed) cross-linked halogen free silicone rubber


Low temperature, oil resistant, ozone and UV resistant

For 120 °C class : special cross-linked black rubber type EM106 according to EN 50382-1

For 150 °C class : special cross-linked black silicone rubber type EM 107 according to EN 50382-1

Minimum Bending Radius: Dynamic use : 5 to 8 x outer diameter Static use : 4 x outer diameter


EN 50382-1: General requirements applicable to cables, including detailed requirement for the insulating and

sheathing materials

High temperature rolling stock cables having special fire performance

N 50382-2

Single core, silicon rubber insulated cables for +120 °C and +150 °C
1.8/3 kV unscreened, unsheathed with or without textile braid 1.5mm2-400mm2
1.8/3 kV unscreened, sheathed with or without textile braid 1.5mm2-400mm2
3.6/6 kV unscreened, unsheathed with or without textile braid 2.5mm2-400mm2
3.6/6 kV unscreened, sheathed with or without textile braid 2.5mm2-400mm2