28. EN 50306

Caledonian thin wall rolling stock cables conform to EN 50306 (The corresponding French railway standard is NF

F 63808) are ozone resistant, acid and alkali resistant, mineral oil, fuel oil and UV light resistant. Anti-termite

cables and anti-rodent cables can also be offered upon customer request.


FIREROL thin wall rolling stock cables combine the advantages of small size, lightweight, high oil resistance,

halogen free, high mechanical properties. They are recommended for installation in railway vehicles (locomotives,

trains, trolleybuses...).

A 120 °C conductor temperature is allowed for a 20000 hours cumulative working time.

The external sheath is mineral oil and fuel oil resistant, ozone and UV resistant.


Flexible stranded tinned copper class 5 according to IEC 60228 with optional separator tape. Conductor

temperature +90/105 °C or +105/125 °C


Crosslinked halogen free polyethylene or polymer


Cables sheathed with special S1 and S2 compounds (described in EN 50306-1) or EN 50264 sheathing

compounds (EM 101. EM 102. EM 103 and EM 104)


EN 50306-1: General requirements applicable to cables, including detailed requirement for the insulating and

sheathing materials

Thin wall rolling stock cables having special fire performance

EN 50306-2:

Thin wall single core rolling stock cables
300/500V Unscreened 0.5mm2-2.5 mm2 FRL-TW-05SU

EN 50306-3:

Thin wall single core and multicore (pairs, triads, and quads) screened rolling stock cables 300/500V Screened 0.5mm2-2.5 mm2 ( 1-4 Cores ) FRL-TW-05S-OS or FRL-TW-05M-OS


EN 50306-4:

Thin wall multicore and multipair rolling stock cables
Unscreened, sheathed for either exposed or protected wiring 0.5mm2-2.5mm2 (2-48 Cores) FRL-TW-05M-SW, FRL-TW-05M-ESW
Screened, sheathed for either exposed or protected wiring 0.5mm2-2.5mm2 (2-8 Cores) FRL-TW-05M-SW-OS, FRL-TW-05M-ESW-OS
Screened, sheathed for either exposed or protected wiring 0.5mm2-1.5mm2 (2-7 Pairs/Cores) FRL-TW-05MP-SW-IOS, FRL-TW-05MP-ESW-IOS